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Part of "The Mystical Indian" has morphed into an editing and manuscript typing business called Sage Words Services. All the editing and typing links will take you to our Enterprise that is Native American owned and operated. The Mystical Indian page will stay the same, photos, links and the like. But the business side will move. Sage Words Services has been in business for twelve years.

My wife and I provide freelance editor services for stories, articles and novels. We provide typing service into a number of different programs or will set your manuscript to the style of publication you request (APA, MLA, Chicago Rules, etc) Hand written manuscripts are our specialty. Please click here for our rates. Come on over and give us a look after you have had time to look around. Now a little bit about the Indian behind "The Mystical Indian."

I am a Native American writer of fiction / non-fiction books and have had numerous articles printed in magazines and newspapers relating to Native American issues. I have written a Medical self-help book "Graves' Disease In Our Own Words" as well as articles relating to Graves' disease.

I am also a senior editor and partner with Virtual Tales Publications. As well as a writer, editor and journalist. I am also a Men's traditional dancer on the Pow Wow circuit in Florida. I also am a Native American flute maker.

I have a novel titled Grandfather's Song and was released in January 2005. It is based on an Lenape Indian story about animals disappearing worldwide. It is strong on Lenape history, folklore and mystery. One day the world wakes up and a third of its population is gone as are all of the world's animals and fish. This is a story about a vision. Talking Coyote had to find his way to the Old World human beings left thousands of years ago. A place where animals and man are brothers and sisters as it was in the ancient times before the White man came to America. My Agent for this novel is Barbara Casey.

The second book is "A New Dawn" and released in October 2006. This book tells of the Native Americans who went back to the Old World to live with the animals and in harmony with nature as the Great Spirit intended. Other indigenous peoples around the world as well woke up in the Old World as it was before strangers came to their land and changed their lives and religions.

A third book (Currently in work) "The Good Red Road" will chronicle life on the Above World that the Native Americans left. One day the world wakes up to find a third of its population gone and all animals, birds and fish as well. Just man and insects remain. The world goes into turmoil when its people realize they must rely on, grown food, only to survive. Those native people who have left their old religions are left behind in the above world because they have left the religion of their ancestors. They awake to a vision of what happened and it is up to them to try to help heal the world and teach others how to survive and about harmony with nature. War breaks out in Europe when they realize that Russia has the only massive farmable land.

I currently have five books published. One on Graves' disease titled Graves' Disease In Our Own Words. It is published by Blue Note Publications and is available for sale at from the publisher or in a bookstore near you by the end of the year. It can be ordered at any bookstore from their books in print listing. It sold out of its first printing in six months and is currently in its second edition. It consistently stays in the top seller list for books in its genre (out of 147 books on the subject).

The second is titled "The Red Man In Me" and is a CHAP book of Native American Poetry, short stories and essays that reflects my Native American beliefs. You may click the book title for a sample of my work and book reviews.

What is a CHAP book you may ask. It is a small book that is made in a booklet form. My CHAP book is twenty eight pages and covers poetry and two short stories. The first run is a limited edition of One Thousand copies and they are signed and numbered.

The Third is Grandfather's Song as described above.

The Forth is A New Dawn as described above. The Fifth is Grieving for Pets a book about pet loss and the grieving process. It also includes the history of pets across the ages and stories about some of my author friends favorite pets that have crossed over.

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